Microplasma Is Our Passion

Eden Park Illumination is a dynamic lighting technology company anchored in over fifty years of heritage through our affiliation with the Laboratory of Optical Physics and Engineering at the University of Illinois. The company was founded in 2007 by Professors J. Gary Eden and Sung-Jin Park to advance, develop and commercialize highly efficient lighting products utilizing microplasma technology. Drs. Eden and Park are recognized globally as experts in the field of microplasma technology.
The high intensity and uniform output of the Eden Park microplasma UV lamps are the result of many years of research that is evidenced by the 35 US and International patents surrounding the technology. Based in Champaign, Illinois, the Eden Park team includes business and technology experts from diverse backgrounds who collaborate to push the boundaries of this innovative new technology.

Numerous USDOE and USAFOSR grants have been awarded to Eden Park Illumination, totaling over $3M, to advance the microplasma lamp technology toward commercialization on a global scale. Eden Park is committed to developing products that have low impact on the environment and provide sustainable improvement in our quality of life on earth.

Our passion is leading us to develop UV lamps to overcome significant problems in numerous applications; mercury-free and planar form in all cases. For example, we are developing a lamp that will help minimize infections acquired due to surgery and another to treat severe and mild cases of psoriasis. Still other lamps can be used in products to detect water quality for improved aquatic life. Additionally, other EPI lamp technologies can be used for industrial applications to improve water quality and purity for the semiconductor industry, cure epoxies, increase bonding, clean surfaces without contact, and sterilize food packaging materials. We are constantly searching for existing and new applications for this exciting new plasma technology.